Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tea Leaves

What She Wore: Black capris; olive green, baby-doll tee; gold, beaded flip flops.

What She Ate: Stopped on the way home from a birthday party to have some muy yummy enchiladas from Ninfa's.

My MIL has been experiencing some abdominal pain. We think it's probably gall stones, but she's had an ultrasound and won't find out the results until Monday.

One of the substitutes at her school has "the gift" and reads tea leaves. My MIL asked her to do a reading because she wanted to know more about this abdominal pain. She didn't tell the reader what she wanted to know--just asked her to do it.

The reader looked at the leaves and said, "You're worried about your grandchild." My MIL said, "Well, always, but that wasn't what I really wanted to know about it." The reader responded, "But it is in your heart. He will be just fine. He is surrounded by angels and light."

Kind of cool, huh?

PS: Guess who LOVES cheese dip?