Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shucks *Edited*

What She Wore: Red, v-neck tee; navy blue running pants; navy blue and gray tennis shoes. I better do some laundry ASAP, or I'm going to be wearing these running pants all weekend.

What She Ate: I haven't had much yet--it's been a busy morning.

Well, I was so excited about Charlie's progress. He's been picking up his head a ton, he's been rolling over a lot more, and he's been rocking out with the eye contact. He's also making more attempts to grab things that you offer him.

His teacher came yesterday and they had a wonderful time. She really "gets" Charlie and knows how to work with him. He really performed for her and she wrote a glowing report at the end of the session.

I was pumped and couldn't wait for his OT to come today.

He didn't do so well for the OT. I do believe my little munchkin has an attitude problem.

She upped the ante. She was bending him this way and that and stretching him like nobody's business. She wants to get him a special seat, so he can sit and play with toys.

I don't know why, but this upset me. I guess, when we make progress, I get so excited that I forget that we're still behind. I feel like he's doing so well I want to shout from a mountain top and then I get reminded that we've still got a big distance to go. Sigh.

Still, progress is good. Maybe I'll have a cookie.

Ok, in the spirit of celebrating progress, here are some videos. I apologize to those of you who can't see them. I'll do my best to describe them.

First, I have Charlie's creep. He's actually starting to move across the floor. He stops to gnaw on his hands, but he's still making progress.

Next, is the reason I will now have to be a lot more careful with Charlie. He's getting a lot better at rolling himself over. In this video we almost had a major oops with the chair.