Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cat Napped?

What She Wore: Super-old t-shirt from Harry' T's; navy blue shorts; tennis shoes.

What She Ate: I'm back to the Lean Cuisine and soup regimen. For lunch, chicken noodle. For dinner I'm having ravioli.

Ok. It's been two weeks since my cat disappeared and I'm pretty sure he's not coming back. I'd like to share a few details, though.

Max is a wonderful cat--he's very friendly, loves to be petted, and lets you pick him up.

Max is a very good looking cat. There's something a little exotic about his face--the vets always comment on it.

A woman called me the day I put up my missing cat sign and told me that she had a gray cat in her backyard. I told her that I couldn't come that minute because I was an hour away and getting ready to eat lunch, but I would call her when I was back in the area. She told me she lived at the end of _______ street, which is only one block away.

Later, I called the woman and she wouldn't answer her phone.

I haven't spoken to her since.

Max is not at the humane society, and I've gotten no other calls about a gray cat.

I've seen no dead cats that look like Max and I see cats everywhere in my neighborhood, so I don't think there's a cat predator lurking in the bushes. Most of my neighbors let their cats roam free without incident.

I drove to the end of ______ street and there is a house with FOUR cat figurines in the front yard.

There's a mail box wrapper with a cat on it too.

Could Max have been cat-napped?

Could he be living blissfully with the cat lady, eating wet food and getting his ears scratched?

I think it's a distinct possibility.