Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Wish

What She Wore: My faded Levis; a navy blue shirt with black trim; black, beaded, slip-on mules.

What She Ate: For lunch I had Chicken Parmesan and Caesar Salad from Copeland's Fire and Ice. For dinner I had tomato basil soup and Caesar salad from La Madeline. Later the Hub made homemade mint ice cream. A great eating day.

Well, I wish I had more to report, but I'm glad things are a calm these days.

I've been working in my vegetable garden--I've got sprouts of cucumber, green onion, corn, and maybe beans starting to show (I'm saying maybe because I can't quite remember if that's what I planted right there).

Charlie is back on track and working hard. I concentrated on keeping us on schedule and he's responded well.

I'm trying to introduce more solid food, but I'm still struggling with this. His OT watched him eat a fig newton and he's definitely got some of the right moves. He forgets to swallow every once and a while, but I'm not too worried--he figures it out in the end.

I've decided that we're definitely going to add some private physical therapy and maybe speech therapy as well. I have to see how much I can squeeze out of our insurance company.

The best news of all is something I forgot to mention in the hecticness of last week. Charlie has officially been dismissed by Nephrology. I don't talk about his kidneys much because I never worried about them too much. Between a mis-firing heart and a damaged brain, I couldn't spend too much time fussing over kidneys. Anyway, when Charlie was placed on life support (ECMO), he swelled up like a tomato. One of the side-effects of ECMO is kidney damage. We've been monitoring closely to make sure that his kidneys fully recovered. We had an ultrasound and everything looks perfectly normal, so now I can cross one doctor off our list. Hooray! Now Charlie only sees four doctors. It was six when we first left the hospital.

That's it. I wish is was more interesting, but sometimes life is calm and that is A-OK with me.