Monday, April 28, 2008

Report Card

What She Wore: black, v-neck tee; faded Levis; baby-blue tennis shoes. I didn't really go anywhere, so the shoes were a bit of an afterthought.

What She Ate: Busted! Chicken nuggets. I'll be good tomorrow, I promise.

Well, we last saw the neurologist in January. The visit was kind of rough with words like seizure disorder getting thrown around. The neuro did think that Charlie looked good, but things were still pretty scary.

Anyway, we finished our last course of meds over a month ago, so we're checking in tomorrow. I decided to list all our accomplishments since mid-January. It makes me feel better--sometimes I forget how far we've come--especially when we're reaching what feels like a plateau.

  1. Late January he prop-sat for over a minute. He can still do this, but he'd rather not and fights us pretty hard on it. Basically, he'll only do it on the lawn and I think that's mainly to keep his face out of the grass.
  2. Consistently rolls from front to back.
  3. Improved eye contact.
  4. Began shaking toys to create noises.
  5. Uses large gross movement to operate toys like his piano, press board, music cube, etc.
  6. Figures out how new toys operate.
  7. Increased use of right hand.
  8. Picks up things that he has dropped.
  9. Holds bottle pretty consistently.
  10. Appears to know three words and his name (up, mookie, and diaper).
  11. Anticipates during play and some daily routines ( he may have already been doing this, but these days it is very obvious).
  12. Showing beginning signs of purposeful movement while on stomach (wiggling forward)
  13. Tolerates table food although he does have some trouble moving it to the back of his throat--no problems with baby food. Self feeds with the safe-feeder and Cheetos and french fries.
  14. Touches toes!
  15. Participates in verbal exchanges although he makes no babbling sounds.

I'm writing all this down because I'm sure I'll forget half of it when I'm there. The Hub and I have discussed it and we are not interested in another course of medicine. We feel that the last batch did the job or else we wouldn't being seeing so much improvement. Even if we have an EEG that we don't like, the Hub doesn't want to do medicine again. Our next batch would probably be daily injections and we just don't think it's necessary. This list is to help me stay strong.

And just for laughs, here's a video of Charlie "singing." My husband sings into his hand and he does it too--he sounds kind of like the dog, though.