Sunday, March 30, 2008


What She Wore: I'm still in my PJs--I've just been doing laundry all morning.

What She Ate: So far, not a thing--I need to go get something soon.

My husband's step-mother is an amatuer playright. She write several plays a year and has won many awards. Tonight she's having a "reading" of her current project. It's one of those deals where people give feedback in the end. Anyway, I've agreed to read one of the parts.

I am not an actress.

I don't think I can do a Southern accent on command (when I'm nervous, abosolutely).

There are going to be actual actors and actresses at this thing.


PS: Still no cat and it's been four days. I feel like he's OK, but I'm going to go and post signs tomorrow. I am worried that another family has adopted him--he's very friendly and fluffy and I can see why someone would want him. When he gets back (see, optimism), I'm going to get a microchip put in him. Sigh.