Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Little Boy Who Could

What She Wore: Scoop-neck tee with gray and coral floral pattern; blue jeans; strappy, coral sandals.

What She Ate: For lunch I'm going to have a decadent pasta of one type or another. For dinner, I'm off to my MIL's who's cooking dinner for us and for my husband's brother and his wife. They're visiting from Florida (lucky bastards).

Ok. It's Friday and I'm off to do things like eat lunch with my family, so I'll fill today's post with videos of my lil man.

First, here's one of him prop-sitting. The last time we videoed his progress he could do it for over fifteen seconds. Down below, you'll see that he's now doing it for over a minute. So far, he's not sitting independently, but he has made so much progress. Go, baby go!

The next video I'm going to put up is one that I think addresses Charlie's vision issues perfectly. Charlie does have vision, but it's confusing, so he tends not to use it as much as he could/should. The doctors are fairly certain that he's blind on one side (hemianopsia). This is pretty obvious if you're around him for even a short amount of time. Also, he tends to not look at things unless he really wants to. He's perfectly content to rely on hearing and touch. In this video he's kicking his kick mat, which he really loves. He's smiling, enjoying himself, and because I'm on his "bad" side, he hasn't noticed me. When I talk, you'll see him look all over and then locate me with his eyes. Once he's discerned my location it's back to fun and kicking. No more looking needed.

Finally, here's a video of part of our stretching routine. We stretch both hamstrings several times a day. I've found that if I sing while we do it, he loves it.

Yes, I know I sound like a complete dork, and no, I don't always talk like that. That's my baby voice.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.