Sunday, March 9, 2008

Me 'N' Mary J.

What She Wore: pale green capris; black tee with sprout on it that reads "Good things come in small packages;" black and grey herringbone mary janes.

What She Ate: My MIL made green beans, ham, onions, and potatoes over rice. Wonderful Cajun cooking.

Lately I've been thinking about Mary J. Blige's album, No More Drama.

If the whole Charlie thing has taught me anything, it that we have no need to manufacture drama in our lives. I could go from now until eternity enjoying calm afternoons and lovely dinners.

Facing death. Spending so much of your day in a place where children are sick. Knowing that not everyone will make it. These are real issues.

It's not about petty differences, social status, or ignoring people you don't like.

I won't pretend that I haven't had my share of starting drama for no reason, but those days are hopefully behind me. I want peace. I want calm. I want smiling faces if for no other reason than because it's polite. Life is already messy--let's not make it worse.

So, I've got a new motto: No More Drama! Call me on it if I'm stirring it up for no reason.