Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Beat Goes On

What She Wore: Still in my pjs, but I better get changed soon--Charlie's OT is going to be here soon.

What She Ate: Vegetable soup. For dinner I think I'm having a Lean Cuisine BBQ pizza.

I decided that I need to make some lifestyle changes.

Basically, I need to put better stuff in my mouth.

I would say that I need to diet, but I know better than that. The minute I put myself on a diet I start craving enchiladas. Before I know it I've driven to McDonald's for some chicken nuggets and I'm persuading my husband to take me out ot eat.

Diets do bad things to me. Plus, it's not just about losing weight. I eat/drink a lot of crap and I don't think that's really good for you.

So, I'm making a few changes:
  1. No more chicken nuggets
  2. No more soda, even the diet stuff. I drink WAY too much of the stuff.
  3. No alcohol except on weekends.
  4. More water

I should be able to do this, right?