Friday, March 7, 2008

Therapy Thursdays

What She Wore: Black yoga pants; LSU t-shirt; LSU sweat shirt. Just for you, Tracy, two LSU shirts at once. Maybe I should go put on some LSU sweat pants too.

What She Ate: Sadly, so far today I've only had some nuggets from Chick-fil-a. It's Friday, though, so hopefully there's some Mexican food in my future.

I'm still waiting to hear from all of Charlie's new therapists, so we still just have OT on Thursdays at this point. The wheels of intervention turn very slow.

So, the OT came yesterday and I noticed that whenever she leaves I'm in just the best mood. She's always so positive about his progress and points out little things that I may have missed.

We are starting to see some changes in Charlie that I figured I'd tell everyone about. When Charlie was about five months old, the physiatrist diagnosed him as being spastic quad. This means that all four of his limbs have been affected by his cerebral palsy. Now, at almost nine months, it's starting to look more as if he'll have right hemiplegia. Basically, this means that his right side is tighter and weaker than his left. He prefers his left side to his right. He's also had some vision loss on the right side, which tends to exacerbate the the situation.

This is actually good news. Hemis have a better chance of being able to walk and hemis are also more likely to have normal intelligence.

There's no telling if his diagnosis will be changed in the future, but we are very happy to see him doing so well.

In other news, the journey towards solid food is going well. I'm still only doing one full meal a day, but I'm also giving him a couple of puffs randmoly throughout the day. He's not really a puff fan, so when he gets some teeth we may move on to another type of cracker. He can eat a full container of stage two foods and he also really seemed to enjoy a few bites of mashed potatoes.

And. . . drumroll please. . .

He fed himself an entire bottle. I had to lay him in his boppy and position him, but he held the bottle through the whole thing and didn't drop it. His hold needs some work--I don't know what he's doing with his thumb--but this is progress!