Monday, February 11, 2008

Whaddaya Know? (Day 24)

What She Wore: Blue jeans (what else?); short-sleeve, navy blue tee; my red, pointy-toed keds with the striped bow. I put a picture up before. . . maybe I'll go find it.

What She Ate: Chicken caesar salad and peanut butter pie from my parent's favorite cafe--their treat!

I've never metioned it here, but I've always been attracted to smart people. I'm not just talking about my spouse. In general, I have always surrounded myself with people who are very smart. Let me give you some examples:

Of the girls I hung out with in college, all of them graduated on time.

Almost all of them now have professional degrees.

My bridesmaids include a PhD, a lawyer, the financial director of a major publisher, and a physcial therapist. Oh yeah, and one of them works for NASA.

Three people I e-mail regularly were the Valedictorians of their high school class.

Three of my closest friends were National Merit Finalists.

With a 3.4 gpa I was the slacker of my college friends.

When I moved back to Louisiana, I called a friend of mine who named four different people that I know who are doing their residency at the local Children's Hospital.

So why am I telling you all of this? I'm saying all of this because sometimes I just can't believe that it's my child's BRAIN that's the issue. Of all the things I worried about, it was never this.

I'm not looking for condolences; I just mean to say that you really have no idea what life has in store. I think the expression is, "If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans."

It's a crazy thing.