Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ummm. . . Wha?

What She Wore: Jeans; red, ribbed henley; shiny red patent heels with a picnic basket heel.

What She Ate: Enchiladas!!! So pleased to be eating something that wasn't soup or a Lean Cuisine. Life is good.

Do you think there are some rules for shopping? 'Cause I do. There are just some things that you don't do. Today, while at my Mecca, otherwise known as TJ Maxx, I encountered a woman who has clearly not attended the same shopping etiquette class as I.

You see, when I'm shopping, I don't reach out and grab something that someone else is looking at. I may lurk nearby pretending to admire some heinous handbag, but I don't actually reach out and grab something from under someone else's nose. To me, that is rude.

So today, I was a little perturbed when this woman snuck her hand in front of me to finger some towels I was looking at. She actually had to snake her little mitt over there because I was standing very close to them. I mean, come on, do you really need some hand towels so bad that you can't wait five seconds for me to move on? Sheesh.