Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dearest Max

What She Wore: Red capris; white t-shirt; tennis shoes. I tried to look a little nicer today.

What She Ate: Ick. Stouffer's Chinese beef and peppers over rice. I CANNOT wait til the weekend, so I can eat some real food.

I had every intention of writing this post as a letter to my cat. It was cute--I reminisced about the day I brought him home, the tiny apartment we lived in, and his cute, fluffy self.

Somewhere around paragraph two, however, it got a little forced. So I'll just tell you about my cat's latest shenangians and not force you to participate in what was rapidly becoming either a Freshman creative writing assignment or a bad country song.

Adding to his repetoire of knocking over water glasses, opening closed doors, and toe biting, Max pulled an all new stunt.
After using the--ahem--facilities, he then proceeded to kick his--er--deposit onto the carpet. Then, he walked through it leaving footprints all over the house. The Hub was on his hands and knees for about half an hour cleaning up and muttering something about "sit prints."

All my kids are talented--even the furry ones.