Thursday, May 1, 2008

Will This be on the Test?

Charlie's OT came today and we had a bang-up session. We worked on feeding, which we haven't done in a while. She saw lots of improvement. He's sitting in his high chair more easily, he's doing just fine with baby food, and he did well eating pudding and a cheeto with her. She said she's seeing real improvement in his chewing strategies and likes that he's trying to self feed. I asked her about the fact that he gets food stuck up on the roof of his mouth. She put her finger up there and said that he has a high, narrow palate--some of that is probably the result of being intubated. As his tongue gets stronger, that should improve and she told me to just give it a little sweep when he's eating. Ahhhh, the joys of motherhood.

We also tried different cups, which was just fun. Charlie loves grape juice the way some people love beer. He grabs gleefully at the cup and tips it back, half the juice running down the front of his clothes. He smacks/savors what does make it into his mouth and then swallows. He then immediately tries to take another sip. I think it's pretty fun watching his abandon when it comes to drinking. Surely this will make him popular in college.

The other major news was the unveiling of the Rifton chair. My OT managed to get one from somewhere--she's like an equipment yenta or something--she borrows from this family, digs around in the warehouse where she works, and viola! She's found a two-hundred dollar chair for you to use. She fixed this one up with a stiff cardboard back to provide a little more support. We're supposed to use it every day, which shouldn't be a problem.

Finally, for homework, we've been instructed to keep a food journal this week of all the table foods we try and how he reacts. This should be interesting. I've never been especially good at assignments; 90% of my academic career was spend furiously scribbling stuff down five minutes before class started.

I can't believe it's only Thursday--this feels like the longest week ever.