Tuesday, May 13, 2008


When I was young--I'm not sure how old, maybe six--I stole something. To be specific, I stole a glitter bracelet from my friend. I was at her house, I wanted it, and so I stuck in in my pants (classy, no?) and brought it home. The only problem is that I was racked with guilt. I wasn't ever able to wear the beautiful glitter bracelet because I felt bad for stealing it.

For me, that one incident was enough. I've not stolen anything since. Well, I may have taken a sign off the wall at a Holiday Inn that said "Honeymoon Suite," but I try to be virtuous.

Anyway, sometimes you see things that you want. For the most part, you either buy them or don't. Sometimes, however, things aren't for sale.

Down the street is an unoccupied house. I guess whoever lived there died or moved into a nursing home or something. From time to time I'll see different people cleaning it out--this will often result in crazy amounts of stuff being put out to the trash. The rest of the time, the house is unoccupied. I can only assume that the heirs are sifting through and cleaning out the place either to rent or sell.

In the garden of this house is a stone Pelican. I WANT this Pelican. Sometime in the last month I've sort of adopted the Pelican as my own personal mascot. He's also the state bird, but that's something else entirely. I recently got a wooden Pelican from someone else's trash and I just love it. I think he needs a friend--a stone Pelican, perhaps? This little stone guy calls out to me each day as I drive past.

I'm not going to steal the Pelican--I have that guilt thing, remember? But I do think it's weird that if I were to suddenly develop a life of crime the first thing I'd go after is a stone bird from a dead woman's garden.

So, confess, what's something you'd love to steal? If you were the stealing type. Feel free to stay anonymous on this one--I'm just wondering--what's your pelican?

PS: My big, eco-friendly, clothing-related project will officially begin Monday. I am both excited and nervous about this one. Stay tuned.