Friday, May 23, 2008

Where I Should Write an Actual Post

. . .but instead I'll just update you on Charlie's progress.

This week Charlie has taken a vested interest in his toes--he wants to grab them and eat them. He can't actually get them in his mouth, but if we help him a little he can manage it. All the therapists are saying, "important developmental milestone!" Months behind schedule, but whatever!

He has fully abandoned prop sitting. Prop sitting is so three months ago. He wants to play, and a boy can't play if he's holding himself up. It's good and bad: his trunk strength is improving by leaps and bounds, but there's no way to measure it--we just know. He could play with his Mozart music cube for as long as I'm willing to help him. He just loves to sit there whapping it, and sometimes if you take your hands away, he'll play with it for a little while before he notices and falls over.

His PT and OT want to introduce Theratogs to get him to independent sitting. The OT said that she knows he'll sit and it's only a matter of time. She also talked about his potential, which makes any momma smile.

He teacher called him smart. Did you hear that? My boy. Smart. I felt like Violet from Willy Wonka. I am a swelled up balloon that could bust with the joy and happiness that statement brings me. Granted, his teacher works with impaired kids all day long, but it's so nice to hear someone say good things about your child--it isn't an everyday occurence around here.

His OT has moved on to putting him into crawling and walking positions. He looked good in both and he actually took a step of his own volition.

He's becoming semi-mobile. No longer can I leave my child unattended on beds, sofas, and changing tables. Actual vigilance must be used. I'm like a real parent or something. Anyway, what I mean to say is that through a scrunching/semi-roll the kid is wiggling all over the place.

He grabbed something with his right hand. More specifically, he grabbed a yellow block with his right hand. He might have been going for his toes, but he made contact with and and grabbed a yellow block. Previously, his right hand has been good for propping and not much else. This is progress.

He is completely done with signing "more." He was actually giving his speech therapist looks like she was crazy. I'm not sure what is going on there exactly, but I'm sure we'll work in out. . . I suspect he's inherited my attitude.