Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day Thirteen (of Twenty-Eight)

What She Wore: Grey t-shirt; blue jeans, tennis shoes. I really should make a little more effort, but it's raining outside and I didn't want to bother looking cute and then getting ruined.

What She Ate: This is embarassing. Enchiladas. Cheese, chicken, and beef this time from my favorite Mexican restaurant around here. The MIL nicely let the Hub and I escape for a dinner together.

Ok. I don't like to do Charlie posts back-to-back. I realize that there are some non-mommies who read this blog and sometimes you like to log on and read about something other than my kid's therapy. So, I started a really nice blog about a light fixture for my entryway. That entry started to become very long and then my husband came home and weighed in, and then we got out the tape measure, so for now, it's not finished.

I did, however, want to brag on my kid. I do not get tired of this. I am the internet equivelant of that annoying woman with 36 pictures in her wallet. You cannot escape the update.

Anyway, Charlie's OT came today and he did amazing! He is prop-sitting like a champ. If you had nuero-typical children (that's PC talk for normal), than you probably have no idea what prop-sitting is. If your kid has CP then you, like me, probably have a binder full of developmental milestones and prop-sitting is in it. My binder tells me that this is a five month skill. The doctors have told us that Charlie has lost AT LEAST two months of development between the drug-induced coma and the hydrocephalus. Plus, he's got CP which means every milestone is a battle. Well, he's not quite eight months old which means he's prop-sitting basically on-target for him. I could dance like I fool I'm so excited. I realize that other things may come later, but this is good news. He can hold the position for well over ten seconds, so now we're moving on to new skills. I couldn't be more thrilled.

Oh, and the bottle strike is over. After talking with his regular nuero, she decided that his meds were probably upsetting his stomach and ordered him some Zantac. Funny thing? My mom kept calling it Xanax. Now, if the kid had some Xanax--well, he'd have to share with mom, right?

OK, Blogger wouldn't let me Spellcheck or add a picture. I'll do both when it lets me.