Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day Nine (of Twenty-Eight)

What She Wore: Brown, ribbed sweater with a keyhole neckline that has a little tortoise shell necklace at the top; flared blue jean skirt; knee-high brown leather boots. Mama got to leave the house and wear big-people clothes!

Well, the Hub and I did a marathon session working on our front room. It's supposed to be a formal dining room, but we've decided to use it as a library/study. Most of our entertaining is the mill-about/buffet-style dining, and people never just sit around the table. For that reason, we decided that for now we'll do without the formal dining room. The rest of the house is going to be a disaster until we get that room at least partially straight--a domino effect, if you will. Things in that room have been on hold for a couple of reasons. One, I painted it a shade of green that started to make me feel like I was living in a mint. Two, I decided to rid the ceiling of popcorn. I just finished the ceiling the other day, so it was time to tackle the room in earnest. Up above is what the room looked like when we toured the house before buying it. Here is a picture of the scraped ceiling and so-called "nipple light" (I am going to get so many hits from people googling nipple).

So, we went to Lowe's, painted the ceiling, went to Lowe's, finished painting the ceiling, opened a new light fixture, sent an ugly e-mail to the light fixture people, found the piece we were certain was missing, hung the light fixture, painted most of the room, and began painting the edges. I also started putting books in the bookcase because I've got boxes of books piling up all over the house.

Here's the light fixture we installed (by we I mean that I found that "missing" piece). The Hub found a formula on the Internet that tells you how big a fixture a room needs. We were amazed at how massive this thing was when it arrived in the mail. It hangs low too. So low, that people over six feet tall probably shouldn't come over. We're not sure if we're just going to put a piece of furniture under it, or if we're going to try to figure out some way to raise it. Our entire family is short, so it's not a huge deal, but you never know when one of the Hornets is going to come over (kidding).

We're not bothering to tape anything off because we're either painting or replacing the moldings. This makes things easier in some ways, and more difficult in others. My husband rocks at trimming without tape--alas, I suck. He'll have to finish that part of the job because I spend more time wiping up big globs of paint than actually doing anything with a brush. As you can see, we still have a million things to do in there, but we made major progress this weekend.

During all the hullabaloo a parade passed right in front of our house--it's a neat little town we live in.