Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Proof that God Wants Me to Blog More

What She Wore: striped pajama pants, blue t-shirt, bare feet.

Well, we got a call from Charlie's nuero today and things are not as good as we'd hoped. She is VERY concerned about his EEG results. She agrees with me that he looks great, but she's concerned that his seizures may affect future development.

So. . . she has prescribed some heavy-duty meds for ole Charlie. They will compromise his immune system which means he'll be on house-arrest for four weeks starting Sunday. Four weeks when I can't leave the house for ten hours a day (at least). Can we say "Mommy needs a drink now?"

Prayers are in order if you're the type--we need a good EEG and no illness while he's on the medication. He's come this far--why not a little more?