Saturday, January 12, 2008

Going So Quick

What She Wore: blue plaid pajama pants; LSU t-shirt; socks. It's almost midnight, OK?

How did it get to be almost Sunday already? I've been meaning to brag on my boy since Thursday night. Thursday Charlie's OT came to see him. With the holidays, it's been three weeks since she last saw him. She was SO impressed with all the strides he's made. We're not sitting independently, but it feels closer and closer. He was also laughing and giggling and making eye contact which is something he struggles with. She used the word AMAZING at least five times.

Of course, when things are going well, you start looking ahead to the next big goal. The next one is a toughie for me--eating solid food. I hate, hate, hate the whole business. It makes the diapers stink. When we're done he's got food all over his face, his chair, his bib--everywhere! And for what? The half-eating/half-dribbling thing seems pretty inefficient to me.

But, with kids like Charlie you can't take anything for granted. Many children with CP struggle with the move to solid food. They gag and choke and spit it back out. Luckily, Charlie doesn't seem to mind. Unfortunately, it is still a skill and skills have to be taught--we can't assume he'll just figure it out on his own. So. . . here's my goal for this week: I will try to feed him baby food at least once every day. I'm already dreading it. Great attitude, right?