Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day Five (of Twenty-Eight)

What She Wore: long-sleeve, ribbed tee, with a little V in the neckline; blue jeans; brown and white high heels with a poof on them. I'm not doing anything, so I might as well have good shoes, right? Well, I did check the mail.

Well, house arrest is still going OK. We did pay a visit to the neurologist who said that Charlie looks, "friggin' fabulous." Let me tell you, the language changed a lot when I moved down here from Arkansas. I never heard so many doctors cursing till I got back to the Crescent City. I don't mind.

I have also decided that online shopping can be the black hole of death. If you need a new rug for any part of your house, then do NOT go to this site: I think they have exactly one billion rugs on there. I have spent--no, wasted--two entire evenings on there. I enjoyed myself, though.

In other news, my very elderly grandfather is in the hospital with what looks like a stomach virus. It's taking all the power I have not to complain about what a draining year this has been. I actually thought to myself, "well, I hope they took him to O______ because their ER was great." I'm ranking ERs! Ok, looks like I slipped a little there. Generally, things are good. I'm going to stop complaining and go look at all of my cookbooks, which I recently rediscovered in a box.