Sunday, May 3, 2009


So the expo was yesterday and it was a really interesting experience. I learned a ton in the five hours or so that it took to put the thing on.

The main purpose of the evening was exposure and I got a ton of it yesterday. I had the first tent in the line and it was right by the "Patron's Party," which was essentially where the rich people hung out and drank wine. Can't think of a better place to have my tent than right next to a big group of people who support the arts and have lowered inhibitions!

I haven't talked a whole lot about my business on here for a bunch of reasons, but the number one reason is because I was scared that I wouldn't be able to pull it off. Today, however, I can say that I did pull it off and I feel a little more confident talking about things.

Currently, most of my business is based around selling my art. I mostly paint art for children with Louisiana themes. It's the kind of stuff that I wanted when I was pregnant with Charlie and nobody made it. All of my art is Louisiana-inspired although some it is less obviously so. I've also done some digital designs that I'm putting on stationary and soon I hope to have branched out and put it on onesies and maybe blankets in the near future. I'm also working on some designs for those seasonal flags that people put out in front of their houses.

I learned a lot yesterday and made a little money. I'd heard that some people who've worked this show in the past don't make any money at all, so I knew that was a possibility, but I sold some prints. I also figured out a few things. I learned that my storage and display system sucks. My screen kept falling down until I anchored it to my chairs which resulted in some hilarious, Three Stooges moments. I also learned a little bit about the kinds of things people are looking for and it's going to help me with marketing and whatnot.

So, I'm tired, but I feel good about things and I feel like I can only improve from here!

So, without further ado, the web address for my new business is I'm still in the process of adding things to the store, but for the most part everything is up and running! Check it out (if you like).