Thursday, May 7, 2009

Because Someone Should Get the Tylenol With Codeine

I'm going to go ahead and assume that all of the people who said that ear tube surgery is a breeze, weren't referring to adenoidectomies as well. Those are apparently a little less breezy.

The doc told me that she put the tubes in and that there was, in fact, fluid behind each ear drum, so it was probably a good decision. We weren't really sure if we were going to take out his adenoids--it was a game-time decision--but they were apparently "quite inflamed," so out they came as well.

The thing about having your adenoids out is that it interferes with on of you basic daily activities--swallowing. Taking away Charlie's right to swallow offends him greatly. When they brought be back into recovery he was screaming so hard that the only thought I had was, "well, I know that's not my kid." WRONG AGAIN! They assured me that it was just from the anesthesia. Thing is, the last time Charlie had anesthesia, he barely batted an eye, so I was fairly certain he was in some kind of pain. He's crying, which he never does, and that stirred some sort of primal mommy thing and I started crying as well. Suckfest.

After he cried for an hour straight they decided that he might be in pain gave him some Tylenol 3 in his IV and he promptly conked out. Then they sent us home.

There's been some more crying and I actually did some of it myself. I've just spread myself a little too thin and it caught up with me today. Charlie's tears reduce me to smithereens every time and wasn't dealing with it very well. I'm not good at asking for help when I need it and I try to do it all myself. Not always a perfect combination.

Now we're hanging out on the couch, Charlie seems to be feeling better, which is good because he won't take any more Tylenol 3--ya know why? Cause you have to SWALLOW it. Ironic, no?

PS: These pictures were taken for an article I'm writing for Blissfully Domestic, but they're the wrong orientation--I'll let you know when it's posted.