Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I grew up with one grandmother that I knew very well. I've tried before to write about her, but I I'm not sure anything on paper could do her justice. She was just so alive and vibrant.

I had another grandmother, however, that I never met. She passed away when me mother was just seven and so she was always the question mark--the grandmother I never knew.

I found this picture of her going throgh some of my grandfather's things. This is actually from before they were married. She was stationed in California with the Navy and here she is in front of the state capitol building with a friend. I love how free and happy she looks. I love that she was adventuresome and went where life took her, which in this instance was California. I know it also took her to DC, which is where she met my grandfather.

I spent my Mother's Day alone, which is just how I wanted it. No one talking, no one asking me a question, and no demands on my time. I ran errands that are hard to do with a Charlie and painted and watched the Gilmore Girls. It was a most-excellent day. My husband took Charlie around to visit all three of his grandmothers and I am so glad that he has the opportunity to know them all and to be so very loved. The love of mothers and grandmothers can be so spectacular.

Happy Mother's Day to you all--your legacy matters, whether you realize it or not.