Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This piece is part of series I did awhile back called "Louisiana Phoenix." It pretty much sums up how I'm feeling today--like I could conquer anything if I wanted.

Well, today we finished up the doctor's appointments for this week with a trip to the opthamologist. It was a super-fabulous appointment.

The doctor seemed almost flabbergasted at how well Charlie was doing. At five months, Charlie had a fairly obvious field defect--he couldn't see things on his right side. Now, the doctor was unable to detect field loss with toys or moving objects. This doesn't mean that Charlie can see perfectly on that side, but he can definitely see some.

When he first saw Charlie, Charlie also had what is called exotropia--the common term for it is wall-eye. Now, when Charlie focuses, this goes away. The doctor was thrilled by this. He said that this is a good sign and that Charlie may continue to improve.

He spent a long time going over the chart and seemed just thrilled by Charlie's progress. After looking everything over he said that in his opinion, Charlie had so many other things going on in his early life that he just couldn't focus on developing normal vision. He thinks that Charlie is developing his vision--just at a slower pace than everyone else.

He also said, "whatever you're doing--keep doing it."

So, you know, boo-yah! Charlie is kicking arse and taking names.