Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's the Little Things

If you've come to enter the give-away, then that's the post before this one.

Charlie will be turning two at the beginning of June and certain things are starting to dawn on me. For one thing, he's not a baby any more. He understands SO much more these days, and he's also getting quite big. For the first time I am realizing that he actually disabled. I look at him and he look like a perfectly normal little boy who happens to be lying down. The thing is, he can't get up. In so many ways he is normal--he has opinions about food, and music, and television. He likes to crawl around his room and play with toys. He loves it when his therapists come to "play" and gets aggravated when I linger too long while shopping.

So, yeah, he's disabled. I can't really deny it any more, and while that thought does make me sad. . . I am feeling so many other things too.

I am so grateful to have this little soul in my life. He IS work, and he IS disabled, but he is also joyful and mischievous and delightful.

We came so close to losing him two years and ago ( I realize that I STILL haven't really gone into all the details of Charlie's brain and how it all went down. I want to do that, but it is very, very hard to write about), but here he is--living, breathing, and thriving. I find myself trying to give him some kisses, but guess what? He's almost two and he's not real interested in Mommy's kisses!

Charlie discovering the joys of Baby Signing Time DVD's.