Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

It's that time again. . . Fun Fact Friday, where I share a bunch of information that you could probably live without.

I've been to therapy and I've had pedicure--pedicures are, by far, more effective at lifting my mood.

I went to therapy after Charlie was born to make sure I was handling things OK--turns out, being ANGRY because your doctor was an idiot and being SAD because your child will be disabled are normal, healthy emotions. That was good to hear.

Right now my toes are the most delicious shade of 80's purple--I'm glad the 80's are back.

In the 80's I wore three-tier ruffle skirts like Debbie Gibson and went to a New Kids on the Block Concert.

I wasn't a huge NKOTB fan, but a popular girl at school invited me, so I had to go.

I wore black scrunchie boots to the concert which aren't that different from the ones I got for my birthday this year.

I own so many shoes that they don't all fit in my house. When I lived in Arkansas I had a beautifully organized system in the garage. In this new house, I have no such system and I am constantly rummaging around in boxes in the garage for the right pair.

I hope you all have a marvelous Memorial Day weekend. The Arkansas chapter of Charlie's fan club will be in town, so we're sure to be having fun.