Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Part Where I Freak Out

So, it's after one in the morning and I'm working on my web site that needs to be finished by Saturday. Saturday I'll be handing out little cards with my web address on them, so I'm understandably nervous about the whole thing.

I've had a couple of serious freak-outs where I decide that I've lost my mind. Lost it.

But then I pick up my to-do list and get back to work.

Despite my best efforts, life in general continues to happen and we've had therapy and doctor's appointments this week.

We visited with the ENT and have ear tube scheduled for next Thursday. I had a nightmare about the whole thing, but then he's been tugging on his ears again, so I do think that this is the best course of action.

Charlie had to get a hearing screening before he saw the ENT and he flunked with flying colors. Fortunately, everyone involved took my word for it that he has excellent hearing. They just didn't have good enough noises! There's no way Charlie is going to turn his head for a loud static-y sound. Hello! It's hard for him to move around--he's not moving for static. For Lady Gaga? Maybe.

The ENT did comment that he seemed to be doing extremely well despite his diagnoses and I couldn't agree more--he's doing fabulous these days.

He still has no interest in standing, but he kick butt in his floor work. His kneeling is continue to look great. He's really pushing up his upper body, and making attempts to get up on a little stool while crawling and today he--gasp--got his booty clear off the floor. Basically, the back half of him looked like he was true crawling, but his front half was in the commando crawl position. Still--that's major progress for us.

The no standing thing is starting to freak out his PT and she's hinting heavily that she'd like me to take him in to see the physiatrist to get a hip x-ray. We're due to return in June, so I guess I could move it up a little just to please her. Yay! Another doctor's appointment!

And the other big news is that Charlie has seriously increased the use of his right hand. I feel like I'm always saying that, but twice in the last week he's tried to feed himself using it and he's even passed things from his left hand to his right, which is just incredible. His right thumb is still pretty disagreeable, but he's definitely starting to realize that his right hand might be good for something.

So. . . I'm freaking out, but Charlie is good.

Can't wait til I have real time, so I can write a real post.