Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chicken With its Head Cut Off

Well, the art expo is a definite and now I have less than three weeks to finish my pieces, create a booth set-up, finish my web site, get business cards and fliers printed up, and get a retail license. I'm working especially hard this week since my MIL is on Spring Break and has offered to watch Charlie for an hour or two in the mornings.

I will admit that last night I had a complete loss of confidence and decided that I was crazy, but I've learned that those thoughts are part of the territory and just pressed on until I felt better about the whole thing.

If that wasn't keeping me busy enough, my SIL, who has been invaluable to me as I've hammered out the details of a lot of this stuff, wants be to have my note card designs finished by the end of month. She's got multiple baby showers and she wants to give them as gifts.

So. . . basically I've been talking about starting my own business for like a year now, and suddenly the ball is rolling down hill and it looks like I may be operational in the next thirty days. Scary!!!! and also exciting!

So. . . back to work!