Monday, April 20, 2009

Poking My Head Out

I'm in the throes of becoming a business woman this week, so please don't expect this to written or edited very well. Also, if I didn't comment on your blog, I still read it. . . I just don't have a lot of time, so I'm reading on the go!

This weekend I began stocking the shelves of my online store. . . boring! I had no idea I'd be so bored, but it's basically data-base management and that isn't really my cup of tea. I also continued to finished up art pieces so I'll be ready to go on May 2nd with a full body of work. I set up a practice booth to iron out any kinks and I think I'm pretty much ready to go on that front. My college buddy is going to help me out with manning. The event is mostly about publicity--not sales, so I also designed a little postcard to hand out to people who pass by. I'm still waiting on my tax ID number and as soon as I get that I'll be able to open my very own business checking account.

Things with Charlie are pretty much simultaneously great and not-great. There is SO much that he's doing. When we hung out with Erin in Dallas she introduced the concept of getting Charlie to make various sounds. Before that, we had pretty much no idea how to get him to vocalize. Erin was doing an example and Charlie caught on right away. Now, he can do some "a" and "i" sounds and we're working on "o." For the record, I know the exact symbols that represent the sounds he's making, but I don't actually know how to get Blogger to make those symbols.

He's begun crawling up to things and putting his hands up on them, showing up that he wants to pull up.

When we put him in the kneeling position, he actively pulls up and gets his hiney off of his legs.

He's using his vision so much more that it astounds me. Today at Picadilly I almost cried because he was just sitting there, eyeing his food, and opening his mouth each time I tried to feed him a green bean. There was a time when I NEVER thought he would do that.

Today he even began trying to get his bottom off the ground and into the crawling position.

So much good, right?

But he's also really struggling with standing--well, he's not struggling, he's just not doing it. And he's been refluxing again, which we haven't had a problem with in ages.

So, I'm focusing on the negative, I guess. Probably the stress from one area just spilling over to another area.

Anyway, I told you this might not be coherent, and now I have to get back to that beckoning to-do list!