Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So. . .

. . . I decided to stop the whole NaBloPoMo thing because it was just one more thing to add to my daily to-do list, and I don't' need any more things on that list. I've got regular therapy, ABR, Charlie's intellectual program, meals, laundry, art/business planning, and Christmas shopping. Also, I've got an out-of-town friend coming to visit this weekend and I've had an activity for my sorority alumni group every week in the month of November.

And did I mention that I'm turning thirty next week? Sigh.

So, forget the blogging every day thing.

Charlie and communication has been a complete blast. I can honestly say that it is one of the most fun things in my entire day. I made a series of symbol cards that represent different songs. He picks a card and then we sing that song. I love it so much and so does he.

ABR is also pretty great. Today, his instructor noticed that his neck looks different. It is a ton of work, but I feel like it is SO completely worth it.

In artsy news, I think I'm going to try to get into a mixed media art show. It's close to the house and the entry fee is twenty-five dollars. The due date for entries is December fifth. I have two canvases I've done that I really like and now I just have to decide if I've got the guts to enter. Only time will tell. . .