Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day Five? (it's late--I think that's right)

Well, I just wrapped up a marathon ABR session and it's right after midnight. It seems that Barack Obama will be our next president. Honestly, having lived in the south my entire life, I don't think I ever thought a black man would be elected president. A black man with a Muslim name no less. I'm sad to say that I've known more than my fair share of racists and thought they'd come out in full force tonight. I was wrong

I think that more than anything this lets us all know that this country is ready for some kind of change. I think McCain did a great job, but really, following Bush was a complete loss. I don't know how the rest of the country felt, but for me, Bush let me down. I became more disillusioned during his term than I thought was possible. I don't think I'm really a Liberal. I'm positive that I don't love all of Obama's policies. I'm also positive that this election galvanized the American public. They woke up and went to the polls and made history today. Really, my hope is that this is just the start of changes in our country. I hope that this lets us know that more is possible than we thought. Even if Obama wasn't your candidate, this is definitely history in the making and I think that counts for something.