Thursday, November 13, 2008


There's a quote that Angela over at Special Momma has on her blog. It reads, "have a child with limited abilities is like always being on the edge of possibility." It's a nice expression, but I don't know if I really got it until today.

Today we started working with symbol cards for Charlie. We hold up two cards and he picks the one he wants. Each card represents a song and when he picks the card we sing the appropriate song.

This is big. It shows that he understands that the cards STAND for something and he can choose. The cards are symbols so that's big too.

Then, this evening, while I was waiting for him to fall asleep, I saw him rubbing his eye with he right hand. Charlie rarely uses his right hand and I've never seen him use it like that before.

Today, I feel like we're on the edge of possibility. It's a pretty cool place.