Monday, November 3, 2008

Day Three

You know, I'm just not sure blogging every day is a good idea. Things 'round here aren't always that interesting. Basically, today has been fraught with culinary disaster. I went to pick up my favorite splurge breakfast: Chik fil a chicken minis. Those are seriously good. Well, I'm cruising down the interstate, when I pick up my diet coke and the top comes off and the whole thing dumps right in my lap. It was so cold it actually kind of hurt. I have to drive about ten minutes just so I could turn around and go home. So, my regular Monday trip to Hobby Lobby was foiled. Not to mention the last chicken mini and that's just wrong.

Later, for lunch I started boiling some noodles. Then, Charlie woke up and was hungry, so I fixed him a bowl of oatmeal. Then, Charlie's PT showed up. You know where this is going. . . Halfway through the session we start hearing a funny noise. It was my noodles sizzling in the pan! Yes, I managed to burn noodles.

I've decided that I shouldn't try to cook dinner--it could end in disaster. Instead, I'm going to make my husband take me out for enchiladas.