Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why Choking Your Kid Can be Educational

I've mentioned our Unit on Oceans, right? Oh. Obsessively? Yeah. I guess that's possible.

Well, I decided to try a little activity that I found in Family Fun magazine. It's a recipe called "squid dogs." I took one look at it and knew we could do it at our house. I re-named it Octodogs because we're studying Octopuses this week.

I am not the kind of lady who feeds her kids hot dogs--I don't even own a microwave--I had to specifically buy some for this activity, but I thought it was worth it. Even got the really expensive hot dogs because the things freak me out (see also: Katy needs hot dog therapy). So you take a hot dog, cut it up, and then stick spaghetti noodles through the sections. Four noodles per hot dog piece and that will mean eight legs sticking out the sides. Octodogs I tell you.

So, I make the octodogs, show them to Charlie and then put them on his tray to explore. The doorbell rings, it's his OT, I go to let her in.

MEANWHILE Charlie picks up an entire Ocotodog, puts it in his mouth, chews like three times an then attempts to swallow.

Cue coughing/choking kid as professional enters the room.

Not long after that we decided to turn Octodogs into an activity about using your fork. Cut those suckers up pronto--poor things, never saw it coming.

Parenting--it ain't for the faint of heart.