Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sensory Activity

This week Charlie and I are "talking" about the ocean. Yes, there are flashcards involved, but also books, movies, activities. I like to include a trip to the aquarium, but we've got some serious travel coming up, so that might not work out. Our key words are seahorse, crab, sting ray, octopus, and eel.

This is a fun activity we did that helps introduce your child to new textures, stimulates multiple senses at once, and that involves virtually no coordination. Charlie is sitting in a Rifton chair for this activity, but you could easily do this in a different chair or even while lying down--just guide your child's hand if they need more help.

It's called Sensory Seahorses.

I took several Seahorse cut outs and applied various textures. I used tin foil, pom poms, foam, sand, and felt. I used both sides of adhesive-backed foam so I got two textures out of it--one spongy and the other sticky. This is a lot of work, but I made my Hubby cut out the seahorse shapes to give myself a break.

I made sheets with the Seahorses and presented them to Charlie. I was reinforcing his knowledge of seahorses (their appearance), and also discussing textures. As he touched the various seahorses I would say, "that one's sticky" or "that one's shiny."

I did notice that some textures were "too much" for his left hand. His right hand is much more forgiving of intense textures. I don't know the reason for this, but you might want to experiment with your own child--one hand might handle new sensation better than the other.

These are not magazine-quality photos. This is real-life, my-child-is-disabled-and-might-need-to-lean-in-and-lick-it-to-get-a-feel-for-it photos. I make no apologies. We encourage curiosity at my house.