Saturday, February 20, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Would you be mad if I told you I tricked you?

OK, I didn't trick you, but I really believe that the only way to get out of a negative frame of mind is to focus on the positive. So I'm going to ask--pretty please--for everybody to do the opposite of what they did yesterday. Jealousies? Gone. Blessings? Alive and well. So here's what I'd like. Today, I'd like to hear about the good stuff. Even better, try to list at least one more good thing. I really do believe that acknowledging the good and being thankful for it actually brings more good into your life. I suspect that this post won't be as popular as yesterdays, but come on--give it a try!

My blessings/good things:

  • Have I mention our free wheelchair?
  • The weather here in south Louisiana was fantabulously gorgeous today. Should be tomorrow too.
  • I have a kid who not only eats, but loves eating. I think he ate more than I did today.
  • I got to sleep in this morning.
  • In two weeks, I'm going to Disney World!

It could definitely be worse.