Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Went to the Doctor and the Doctor Said


This week's visit wasn't nearly as uplifting as last week's, but at least some of that is just because our physiatrist isn't quite as warm and fuzzy as some of our other doctors.

I guess that I should say that it wasn't a BAD visit, but it just wasn't as great as last week. He was mostly concerned with Charlie's right hamstring. It's tighter than it was six months ago. I'm not terribly concerned about this because Charlie just had a growth spurt and this always throws things out of wack. With good stretching, I'm sure we'll have his range of motion back ASAP. Meanwhile, Doc is suggesting oral baclofen. The PT wasn't loving it and I'm not either, so I think we're going to pass. We've worked really hard to strengthen Charlie's neck and trunk and I just can't see giving him a muscle relaxer. For now, I think we're going to do nothing; we check back in with the doc in three months and if we won't agree to baclofen he said that he would be willing to consider botox.

Other than that, his tone is fine, his hips look good, and there are no signs of scoliosis. It did bother me that the doc seemed relatively blase about all of Charlie's other improvements and didn't ask me very many developmental questions. But, maybe he didn't feel the need. I don't know.

The only negative of the day was when the doctor asked about seizures. He asked if Charlie had had any major seizures and I said no and then we looked in the computer to see if his EEG had been read yet. Well, it had been read and it looks like he's having more epileptic activity than before. Well, I haven't heard from the neurologist yet, so we don't really know what that means. Charlie hasn't had any big, crazy seizures, but he's had a couple of zoning out moments that could have been absence seizures.

So, I'm waiting to hear from the neurologist and trying to decide how worried to get. I keep bouncing all over the place. Seizures aren't, for the most part, dangerous and clearly Charlie is doing well overall. I guess I just have to wait and hear from the doctor. Meanwhile, I'm making myself nuts. Argh!

PS: Blogger is claiming that "wack" is not a word--clearly they forgot about the eighties;)