Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

The fact is. . . I have no facts today. What I do have are three opinion questions and I'd love for you to answer them.

1. We need a new front door knob/lock combo. There's a fun fact for you. We ordered a new one six months ago and the bizarro woman we bought it for, never actually ordered it. We didn't pay for it, but still . . . how hard can it be to place an order? Anyway, I've narrowed it to two choices. To describe my house, it's got a big front porch and we live in a "historic district" so many of the houses are about one-hundred-year-old summer cottages that fancy-pants New Orleanians used to have. Plain, but Victorian inspired. Our house is actually newer (1988 or so), but designed to fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. My thoughts are either:
On the interior we're going with a crystal knob because I have always, always wanted one. I'm not sure what finish we're going to get. I'm leaning towards a brushed nickel, but my Hubby prefers the rubbed brass. We'll see.

2. What do you think makes a nice present for a second wedding? A friend of mine is re-marrying and I'd like to get him and his new wife a little something. I don't think they NEED anything per se, but I'd like to at least acknowledge the big day. Any ideas?

3. Would you go to someone you know who's a dentist? I have a friend, we met my sophomore year of college and she's a dentist. I made an appointment at her office, but I made it with the other dentist. I thought it would be weird having her look at my plaque and whatnot--what do you think? Am I over-thinking?

So, answer all three or just answer the ones you feel like answering--I'd love your feedback!