Monday, June 15, 2009

Shakin' Things Up

I've been feeling freakishly optimistic these days. I probably haven't mentioned it, but the lady across the street is an honest-to-god Shaman. I'm not sure I believe in shamans, but she's also a baby lover and she met Charlie and I "allowed" her to communicate with him mostly because I was completely curious. I mean, people pay hundreds of dollars to work with her, and she offered to do something for free--who could resist?

Anyway, she consulted him and told me that one of his purposes is to teach me to be less cerebral and to just trust my instincts. So. . . that's what I'm doing. I'm trying to question myself less and just go with my gut. What the hell, right?

I'm pretty sure that my optimism also has to do with how well Charlie seems to be doing. I'm simply in awe of how far he's come.

Now, I'm going to do the ultimate mommy-blogger thing and post a few videos--nothing long, I promise!

Here's a picture of Charlie trying out the quadraped position. He sometimes gets himself into this position, but so far he just goes up and comes back down. I am hopeful, however, that one day this will lead to something more.

Here's another video of Charlie throwing a tantrum because he wants to watch his Baby Signing Time video. He also happens to be standing up and not leaning on the couch. He looks like an honest-to-pants-real-life toddler. I love that is ways I can't explain.

So. . . I'm feeling good. What more can I say?