Saturday, June 13, 2009

Evolution of a Painting

So I showed you the beginning of Melanie's painting a few posts ago. Here it is again if you missed it:

Then I added lettering with stamps in the background. Melanie said she wanted the image to be Morning Glories, so the background says, "what's the story, Morning Glory?" which I think is an album title or something, but it was just the first thing I thought of when thinking about Morning Glories. When the painting is finished you can't really read the text--it's just there for background.

Then I added some blue circles of paint with the top of a tube of craft paint (no worries, no craft paint was used in the making of this product--only professional grade).

After the background was finished, I painted on the letter M and the Morning Glories. I made the M a little more mature since this wasn't for a kid's room. I'll confess that I don't know a whole lot about Morning Glories, but the Internet was ripe with sources images and I'm pretty pleased about the way the whole thing turned out.

It still needs varnish and my Hubby will have to put hooks in it for hanging, but she's done!

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