Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

  1. I own all ten seasons of Friends on DVD and I can quote most of it. I've also been known to compare other people's real-life situations to things that have happened on the show.

  2. My drink of choice is rum and diet coke. I'll drink other things, but that's my go-to.

  3. I'm also a really big fan of coke icees.

  4. In college I would ask people if they wanted to go for an icee.

  5. Rum in a coke icee is pretty good, but the rum does melt it a bit.

  6. When I was pregnant I was ob-sessed with grape sno-balls.

  7. I'm pretty sure grape sno-balls are the reason why Charlie weighed almost eight pounds when he was born three weeks early.

  8. My favorite candies are Gob stoppers, Runts, and Skittles. The Willy Wonka people have changed Runts, though, and they aren't the same any more.

  9. I much prefer pure sugar to chocolately candy.

  10. Are you hungry yet?

This is the beginning of the painting I'm doing for Melanie who won my give-away. She picked a black and white color scheme, which I've never worked with before.