Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

It's that time again!

I'm calling today the Middle School Edition

  1. I learned how to type in the sixth grade the old-fashioned way: stickers on the keys. I can still type without looking at the keyboard.
  2. I used to freak out my students by looking up but still typing.
  3. I got asked to my first dance in seventh grade--the Valentine's dance at school.
  4. We met there and he ignored me the entire night--good times.
  5. I wore a red t-shirt,white, tight-rolled jeans, and Reebok high tops.
  6. I broke my ankle in the eighth grade.
  7. I was trying to do a high-kick in cheer leading practice, I stepped on it wrong, and crack.
  8. When I told the cheer leading advisor it really hurt, she told me to stop whining and put some ice on it.
  9. I got my first two C's in middle school--one in Spanish and one in Intro to Physics.
  10. I never took physics again--not in high school or college.
  11. I've managed to get on fine without it.