Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Skinny

So we woke up bright and early and headed across the lake today for Charlie's procedure. I went alone, which is typical. I decided a long time ago that I wasn't going to waste my husband's precious vacation sitting around in hospital rooms.

They admitted us almost as soon as we got there, and then we waited about five minutes longer than forever. Really, it was about three hours, but when you're spending your time with an under-fed, cranky toddler, it's a long time.

I had basically resigned myself to the worst of all possibilities--a potentially life-threatening syndrome that would require surgery ASAP.

I needn't have bothered.

Doctor came and said that he shows no signs of tachycardia and no signs of Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome. We are going to discontinue his heart medicine immediately. How cool is that? We'll check back in a month after he's completely medicine free, but the doctor was extremely optimistic.

I have other interesting news as well.

ABR is not a quick-fix. The more hours you build, the more changes you see. You really have to have faith in the beginning that you're heading somewhere.

I have seen some teeny, tiny changes, though. As soon as we started the chest compressions I noticed that Charlie started making more and longer noises. This is minor, but it IS a change. I can also see an almost imperceptible change in his rib cage. When we left for Montreal, it was really angular. The evaluator said that his collapse was "significant." Well, he looks slightly less pointy. Slightly. I thought I was just imagining it, but I asked my husband if he noticed anything different and he said the exact same thing. Of course, I've also been working on his neck and that looks exactly the same.