Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moving Right Along

So, we're having the "procedure" tomorrow. I guess I should clarify that I knew this procedure was in our future--I just didn't know that we might get another diagnosis. I hate diagnoses--they feel like baggage. Truthfully, though, this is a small thing compared to some of the other stuff we have been through.

In other news, the much-talked-about business is now officially in it's infancy. I now have my very own Limited Liability Corporation. My brother says that I'm his first official client. I'm still so skittish about saying too much, but I will say that it involves selling my art and maybe using it in ways I didn't think of originally. I am excited, but also nervous because mostly I stick my art in the garage where no one can see it. I've picked out some equipment and now I'm trying to squeeze in chances to paint more. Can't sell what you don't have. A lot of my stuff is for children, but I'm also doing some stuff that adults would like. There's a bunch of other stuff in the works, but I hate to talk too much about it until things are closer to "up and running." Truthfully, I'm shooting for an official "opening" sometime in March, but we'll see how things go.