Monday, October 27, 2008

One More Thing

So, we had one of our routine visits to the cardiologist today. If you're new to the party I should explain that Charlie was born with a heart that beat WAY to fast. So fast, that it stopped working completely shortly after birth.

For this reason Charlie takes medication three times a day to keep his heart beating at a normal rate. We visit a pediatric arrhythmia specialist every four months.

Well, today the Charlie's doctor dropped the words, "Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome" on me. Word to the wise: do not Google syndromes that they mention at the doctor's office. I had a total freak-out this afternoon, but some further research has shown that this is a completely manageable situation. Actually, the doctor isn't even sure Charlie has it--he just has some markers on his EEG that could mean WPW. So. . . Wednesday we head back to the hospital to check out the ole ticker and see if it mis-fires in a controlled situation.

Some days I'm a tired. Tired of doctors and tests and procedures and tired of stuff whomping me out of no where. I'll be better tomorrow--just give me a second to vent here.