Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Get It Ready

Well, we cancelled our neurology appointment today and we're probably not going to go go our neurosurgery appointment tomorrow either. Charlie is feeling much better, but if you go see your neurosurgeon when you're off your game you may end up hospitalized with people sticking needles in your skull. As much as I LOVE holding my child down while people jab him with stuff, I think we'll just re-schedule for later this month.
So, Charlie's fever has subsided, and while he's still cranky, he's doing much better. Today I got optimistic and went out and bought clothes for our trip to Montreal. Holy crap was that expensive. You see, I live in south Louisiana. Here, it's completely conceivable that you'll wear shorts on Christmas day, and for the most part we don't see cold weather until January. Even then, it's the top story if the temperature dips below freezing. Charlie is basically decked out these days in onsesies and sleeveless rompers. he never wears socks and all of his shoes are sandals. I had to do some major shopping to get ready for Montreal's climate.

I wanted to cry while I shopped, but in the end I realized that I'm just going to have to take this out of our "therapy budget" because there is no way we can afford to buy a winter wardrobe out of nowhere. So, here's the stash:

That coat in the upper left-hand corner? Forty-five dollars. I'm not exaggerating when I say he'll probably never wear it again. I did get some sales, but he's growing, so he really didn't have ANYTHING. This is his winter wardrobe. Christmas outfit? Thanksgiving? Nope. This is it, folks.

Still. . . we're leaving in five days! Can't wait.