Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nine Days

In nine days we'll be flying on a jet plane towards Montreal, Canada. Our goal is to improve the both the shape and the function of Charlie's body. We've got two doctor's appointments next week and that should complete my pre-trip checklist. Lord help those doctors if they tell me something I don't want to hear! It's neurology and neurosurgery, which are not my favorites.

Honestly, I am SO glad that we are doing this now. Just looking at Charlie, I'm starting to see how his brain injury is keeping his body from developing properly. He's strong as in ox in some places and other places are so weak. He has a desire to do so much and I can only hope that this will help him with those goals.

I hate to fly and that will be interesting, but both of my parents are going. That will be fun. Also, there will be time every day to see the sights and I'm sure my dad (aka the tour guide) will be scheduling our every second. My hatred of flying has really cut back on the amount of traveling I do, so this will be a great opportunity.

There are many Internet families going to ABR this session. Melanie has composed a list here, and I've had fun getting glimpses of all the people we will be meeting. Kids just like Charlie! A bunch of them! That will be really cool.


In other, non-Charlie, news, I'm on the brink of sharing all of my business plottings. My SIL came and we talked, did research, and she had a lot of great ideas to help me. I would talk about it NOW, but I have some legal mumbo jumbo to sort out and I need to get that done first.

And, in the money/Charlie arena, let me say that children with disabilities are not cheap. While I do NOT begrudge Charlie one cent that I have to spend on him, now is pretty much a terrible time to take money out of the market. I'm not worried about the long-term health of the stock market, but do worry about the money I will need in 2009 to pay for ABR. With that in mind, I have two ideas for fundraisers. My husband absolutely refuses to ask people to donate money and I agree with that--there are people who need it more than we do. I'm not, however, above having garage sales or doing other things like that to raise funds. So, 2009 will be busy! Life just keeps trucking on, doesn't it?

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