Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Am I Thinking?

Ok. Here's the thing. I am deathly afraid of flying in airplanes. I flew for years with no problem and then all of the sudden. . . freak out. My husband likes to tell people about how I tried to convince him that we didn't need to go on our honeymoon. He was real sweet about it and told me he was going to Cancun whether I came with him or not.

So I've managed to avoid flying since 2002.

Now I have to fly in September and October. In September I'm going to my cousin's wedding in New York. My mom bought the tickets so there's no getting out of it. Then, in October, I need to fly to Montreal.

Seriously, can I just ask my doctor for some Valium? I figure I need between four and six for the two flights depending on layovers. Any other suggestions? Prayer? Meditation? Hypnosis? I'm open to suggestions.