Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Kind of Math

So, I need to get tickets to Montreal, a hotel for a week and a rental car for week. My goal is to get it accomplished for less than $3000.

I first started looking and found out that a ticket to Montreal costs $1500. So, two tickets to Montreal were going to be three grand. Not good.

I checked out some other places and found some for nine-hundred dollars a piece. Still not great.

Then, I found out I could keep Charlie in my lap for the flight and not have to buy him a ticket. I consider this a major score. I'm not sure he could comfortable ride in a seat anyway.

Then, I talked to some mothers talking about going to Montreal on the ABR parent's board. Off-handedly someone talked about flying into Vermont and driving to Montreal, which is less than two hours away.

I checked on a flight to Vermont: Two-hundred and fifty dollars.

Rental car does not charge extra to take the car to Montreal, so I'll have to pay the rental fee and a small fee for international insurance. No mileage.

So, I COULD get the rental car and two tickets to Vermont for less than one ticket to Montreal. I'll probably just do one ticket to Vermont and save even more.

I'm so proud of myself.